ROTPIT – Into the Rotpit MC

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Debut material of this new European band made of members from WOMBBATH, MASSACRE, REVEL IN FLESH, HEADS FOR THE DEAD. 3 songs of pure old school death metal influenced by early ’90’s Finnish death metal (DEMIGOD, ABHORRENCE, AMORPHIS, DEPRAVITY, SENTENCED) mixed with British and US elements. Simple, to the bone, but still groovy and with a certain twist of a melodic touch of gloominess. Mixed and mastered at Unbound Studious (WOMBBATH, FLESHCRAWL, SENTIENT HORROR). Artwork by magnificent Finnish artist T. Kannibalet Hietomma Art (Rotting Ways of Misery bookcover, CADAVERIC INCUBATOR, ABHORRENCE, FUNEBRE).

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