MUSIC FROM THE DEATH FACTORY – Story of Seraphic Decay Records (book)

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MUSIC FROM THE DEATH FACTORY captures the short-lived story of the legendary but even more infamous label called SERAPHIC DECAY RECORDS. In the time-span of 1990-1992, owner Steve O ́Bannon released a number of 30+ 7“ releases mostly under the monicker SCAM which ironically describes his working attitude in a perfect way and also portrays what people thought about the label in the years after its hiatus. Author Dima Andreyuk (TAPE DEALER, SEVEN INCHES OF DEATH) sneaks behind the label ́s history by talking to musicians and other people involved in the music scene back in those days. Tons of interviews, numerous flyers and countless scans of those 7“ outputs are displayed on 336 full-coloured pages in order to fully capture the magnitude of the many versions that were released. It will be printed in a special format (21×21) to pay tribute to the 7″ (cover) format and you will find stories about and with bands such as RIGOR MORTIS, INCANTATION, DERKETA, ABHORRENCE, TOXAEMIA, DISGRACE, AGATHOCLES and many more.

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