JAN BELLEKENS – Covered: Classic Sleeves and Their Imitators

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You’re browsing through some albums or CDs and all of a sudden one crops up which causes a moment of recognition and a ‘haven’t I seen this cover before somewhere’? The answer is that you might well have done. For just as popular music of the present day seems to rifle the albums and bands of earlier generations, so the sleeve designers also often lean on the past for inspiration. Sometimes this is done by way of a deliberate reference point. In other cases the band might be wanting to pay homage to their influences, or peers. It might simply be that they have just seen an old cover which they like so much they want to borrow it. On other occasions the similarities are less well intended, designed to mimic or even poke fun at classic designs and bands. Sometimes the new covers are simply a deliberate spoof of a well-known piece of artwork, done for subversive or mischievous reasons. Paperback, 159 pages.

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