Cryptic Hatred


Finland’s Cryptic Hatred perform ferocious, unpretentious death metal channeling the spirit of the early 1990s underground. The band came together in 2019 when Jami, Tatu, Eemil and Miska met in high school. Drawing influence first from heavy hitters like Slayer, they soon discovered the classic albums of Cannibal Corpse and others, dragging them further into the caverns of death metal morbidity. Soon they found a rehearsal space and set themselves to work learning their instruments (as well as the techniques of songcraft). In 2020, they settled on the name Cryptic Hatred and self-recorded and released the 8-song “Free from the Grave” demo digitally in June of that year. In August, the demo was released on cassette in North America by Desert Wastelands Productions and in the UK by Camo Pants Records. That same month, they performed their debut gig at the Helsinki Deathfest 4.5 at the Tiivistämö club in Helsinki, with many more planned for summer and autumn of 2021. Look for their debut album to be released on Finland’s The Other Records in February 2022.


“Free From the Grave” (Digital, Compact Disc) TOR023

The Other Records presents the 2021 version of Cryptic Hatred’s debut full-length demo “Free From the Grave” on digital and Compact Disc. Remixed and mastered by Olli Nokkala at Kolotila studios in Helsinki, Finland.


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