TOR027 Hooded Menace – The Tritonus Bell MC

Latest album from Finland’s doom/death ghouls! Can you hear the bells? (250 pieces)

TOR026 Dying Fetus – Bathe In Entrails 12”

The LEGENDARY first demo by US brutal death metal overlords Dying Fetus! (500 pieces)

TORS025 Cadaveric Incubator / Leprophiliac – split 7” PIC DISC

2nd volume in The Other Records Single Series, co-release w/ Headsplit Records. (300 pieces)

TOR024 Church Of The Dead – Human Errors Re-Revisited Ep MC

Helsinki death punk reprobates pay homage to their influences by way of killer covers from Celtic Frost, Carnivore etc. (50 pieces)

TOR023 Cryptic Hatred – Free From The Grave CD

Death metal newcomers’ first demo remixed and remastered. OSDM the Finnish way! (300 pieces)

TOR022 Cystic – Sworn Enemy Of Life MC

Full-length from these Seattle sickos, EU press. (50 + 50 pieces)

TOR021 Hooded Menace – Fulfill The Curse MC

Finnish death/doom classic, first time on tape! (100 pieces)

TOR020 Napalm Death – Throes Of Joy In The Jaws Of Defeatism MC

New album from UK legends! Masterpiece, ’nuff said! (250 pieces)

TOR019 Mass Extinction – Never-Ending Holocaust MC

Grinding d-beat armageddon, end for mankind. (100 pieces)

TOR016 Neolithic – S/T MC

Dark, crusty hardcore with touches of noise from the US. (50 pieces)

TORX018 Malignant Altar – Ceremonial Decapitator 10” PIC LATHE

Reissue of the elusive Malignant Altar rehearsal demo, hand-carved 10” lathe, super ltd! (33 pieces)

TORS017 Hyperdontia – Excavations 7” PIC DISC

Sewerlords paying tribute to Darkthrone and Cannibal Corpse. (200 pieces)

TOR015 Formless Master – First Strike MC

Insane karate grind from Gridlink & Invidiosus members. (50 pieces)

TOR014 Yacøpsæ – Timeo Ergo Sum MC

Turbo speed violence pioneers’ new album, full on! (50 pieces)

TOR013 Cystic – The Last Days MC

Punk death vomit, beers and smokes all around. (50 pieces)

TOR012 God Disease – Hymns For Human Extinction MC

Death/doom kings, the future is bleak… 2nd press includes patch! (50 + 50 pieces)

TOR011 Depravement – Depths Of Dementia MC

Sick, brooding slow black metal from Helsinki. (50 pieces)

TOR010 Oksennus – ЖЖЖ MC

Experimental death, a psychedelic nightmare. (50 pieces)

TOR009 Malignant Altar – Retribution Of Jealous Gods MC

US Death Metal, absolutely crushing. (100 pieces)

TOR008 Haeiresis – The Bleaking MC

Avant-garde black metal from Lithuania. (50 pieces)

TOR007 Svartkonst – Devil’s Blood MC

Melodic black metal, sublime! (50 pieces)

TOR006 Dark Tranquillity – Skydancer MC

Melodic death metal blueprint, first time on tape since the 90’s. (200 pieces)

TOR005 Warfuck – This Was Supposed To Be Fun MC

Fierce grind duo from France, pummeling! (50 pieces)

TOR004 Morbid Evils – Deceases MC

Apocalyptic doom/sludge, feat. Rotten Sound members. (50 pieces)

TOR003 Grave – Soulless MC

Death Metal classic. (200 pieces)

TOR002 Moonsorrow – Jumalten Aika MC

Epic black metal, Quorthon would have been proud… (200 pieces)

TOR001 Misery Index – Retaliate MC

Death/grind classic, first time on tape! (200 pieces)