Ungodly Carnage

UNGODLY CARNAGE is the second EP from Finnish ritual death maniacs AZATOTH. Across five new tracks, the upstarts invoke an even darker, more putrid sound, merging Incantation-like blasphemic passages with the chaos of brutal death.

Cassette tape and CD available August 19th


Torture Killer
Dead Inside

The Other Records is chuffed to present Finland's notorious serial death-fiends TORTURE KILLER – striking back for the first time since 2013 with their new EP ``Dead Inside`` – a gallows-end headstomper with more hooks than a cenobite in a meat locker.

Vinyl LP, CD, merch available for pre-order


Shattering Vessels

Shattering Vessels is the debut full-length from Baltimore, Maryland (USA) quintet NEOLITHIC. Across eight tracks of vitriolic, transgressive death metal, the listener is dragged deeper into the entropy of infinite nothingness, erupting conventional metal boundaries with dissonant ease

CD available for pre-order


Nightgaunts MMXVI

California's ULTHAR conjure trancelike visions which drag the listener across a Kadathian hellscape into abysmal worlds. The six intentionally unnamed tracks are featured here for the first time on both compact disc and vinyl.

Digipak CD out now, LP available June 2022


Cryptic Hatred
Nocturnal Sickness

The Other Records presents ``Nocturnal Sickness`` the debut full-length album from Finland’s Cryptic Hatred. The release sees the newcomers transgressing conventional boundaries of aural revulsion, digging the grave of mid-90s death metal and bending its corpse towards more contemporary malformations.

Cassette tape, CD & Shirt available February 18th


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