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The Other Records crypt shop is open at Helsinginkatu 32, 00530 Helsinki


Hooded Menace - Fulfill The Curse MC out now!

The Other Records is chuffed to present the first ever cassette press of Fulfill The Curse - the 2008 debut album from the Finnish fiends of cretinous doom-death


Temple of Void - Dread Consumes shirt now available!

Freaks arise! The Other Records is stoked to present this new limited shirt from Michigan’s doom-death underlords Temple Of Void


Ulthar - Longsleeve shirts out now!

The Other Records is chuffed to present this sick limited longsleeve for EU fiends from Oakland’s voracious cosmovores ULTHAR! Ripe for family seances and sacrifices...


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About The Other Records

The Other Records is an underground label / record store based in Helsinki, Finland focusing on the obscure, the ugly and the transgressive. While we do not limit our stock to one genre, we do tend to favour the variants of death, doom and (some) black metal, along with a healthy dose of grind and hardcore punk. We aim to carefully curate our selection based on our own personal tastes which in many cases means that we will scour the margins and fringes of the underground in order to find music and artefacts that give off that special ‘stink’ (much like a corpse… or vintage cheese, which ever floats your boat).

Our physical shop is now open at a new location in the Kallio district of Helsinki. Come and enjoy a selection of fanzines, records, cassettes, compact discs, shirts, books and the like, as well as plenty of second-hand curiosities!

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